The Carioca Swimwear® brand is carried in the United States. The brand was established in 2008 and holds a United States Federal Trademark.  California is our biggest market however Carioca Swimwear® is sold nation wide and anyone with a computer can purchase one of our fine suits.  Brazil is known globally for using the highest quality bikini fabric, Strength, elasticity, resilience and the texture of the material is what makes a great bikini.    Every Carioca Swimwear® bikini has to go through a thorough quality control inspection before being put on sale. 

We carry swimwear for young women to adult women.  We are fluent in English and our products are sold at extremely competitive prices. We have both Brazilian style bikini's and North American styles.  We have discovered in the new technological age that the world has become more connected. We can be contacted via Skype or through our website email which is checked several times daily.  We stand by our brand and are continually seeking new creative designs and innovation. We firmly believe all good relationships are based on good communication and cooperation.  We are sure you will have a positive shopping experience with us.